The Ballad of Mady Kingfield (Ecriture)

The Ballad of Mady Kingfield

rose blanche
Wake up, wake up, my darling
Slowly open your eyes, my child
Let the light kiss your eyelids
And come in your gloomy head
To bloom the secret field of your dreams
Leave your tears under your pillow
Today, this time, is a new day
I promise you, my love
Believe in me

The sunshine will be my smile
And white clouds, my tenderness
The wind will be my whispered words
And raindrops, my caresses
If you take these rose petals
Your hand will be on mine
Just like we used to
Just like we needed to …
My child, do not worry and have no fear
Time is just an illusion
I’m still at your side
My love is all around you
And it’s up to you to notice me
Believe in me, my child
Time is just an illusion
An eternal present
That shouldn’t be refused
Take your time to dry these bitter tears
And slowly open your eyelids
Then I could blow on your little sparks
And turn them into flames
Because I want to see them again
My own stars in the sky
Follow the wind, my sweet bird
Follow my words, my little heart
This is what a Mama’s lullaby tells
In face of her child in distress
This is the sweet ballad of Mady Kingfield
To her child drowning in darkness
It’s the ballad of Mady kingfield
That the breeze’s murmured to me
Let the ballad of Mady Kingfield
fan the flame and warm your heart up again…

(Grand merci à Claire pour sa relecture éclairée)


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