My Darling Enemy (Ecriture)

My Darling Enemy

Layin’ down beside my enemy
Her hand in mine I close my eyes
Listenin’ to her breath slowly come off
I listen and hope one more and more
The last twirl through her life

Cryin’ ’cause I can’t tell you
Cryin’ ’cause I love you…
You must leave, my enemy
And it’s tearing me apart…

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The Ballad of Mady Kingfield (Ecriture)

The Ballad of Mady Kingfield

rose blanche
Wake up, wake up, my darling
Slowly open your eyes, my child
Let the light kiss your eyelids
And come in your gloomy head
To bloom the secret field of your dreams
Leave your tears under your pillow
Today, this time, is a new day
I promise you, my love
Believe in me
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